Plus, you'll walk away with a classy tuxedo t-shirt! 

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It's the content marketing event of the year! Looking to make the most of your time in Cleveland? Here's a start:

Discover & Create Great Stories and (Finally) Know What Works
Curate & publish the most relevant content from across the web

Streamline content production with calendar and workflow tools

Get content marketing a seat at the table by showing how your gated and ungated content drives leads, pipeline and revenue.

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What else do we have planned for #CMWorld?

Lunch & Learn: Artificial Intelligence: What Is It & Does It Even Matter To You? with Curata's Director of Content Strategy, Erica Ayotte.

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Visit Curata at Booth #71 and Booth #101 for some sweet swag and prizes...and we do mean that literally!

Plus, you'll get this sweet tuxedo t-shirt!

Want to win a $1500 Amex Gift Card, MacBook Pro, iPad or Apple Watch?

Join our scavenger hunt! Find each of these sponsors in the expo hall and answer their secret question!

CMWorld 2017 - Leo Gallagher

What's so funny about content?

Plus, you'll get a sweet tuxedo t-shirt!